🎉 Introducing New  XrmToolBox Tool

✈️ Web API Launcher

to Run/Test Microsoft Dataverse WebAPI for Dynamics 365 / Power Platform right from your favorite XrmToolBox

Download from Tool Library  Now!

Works with in-built XrmToolBox Authentication

no more  Access Token  mess for testing

Making GET Requests

 To Query Records

Reading GET  Response

Making POST Requests

 To Create New Records

Reading POST Response

Making PATCH Requests

 To Update Existing Records

Reading PATCH Response

Making DELETE Requests

Reading DELETE Response

Response Errors

HTTP Error Code and Detailed Error Message from response can be used to trace the error and debug your request payload/header.


Web API Launcher's interface is made of 3 resizable panels, which can be resized by mouse drag . It provides more UI flexibility to user.